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Finished Touch Exteriors, A Minnesota Roofing and Siding Company, Family Owned and Operated.

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The residential roofing experts at Finished Touch Exteriors, Inc. can help you choose the "right roofing shingles" for your personal tastes, your roof style and all the technical requirements. Let us check it out now so you won't get an unwelcome suprise during the next rainstorm.

Roofing shingles come in a variety of different designs, style and thickness, as well as many different roofing shingle materials. Older style asphalt roofing shingles were organic and did not last very long. While they are still available, we recommend a fiberglass roofing shingle saturated with asphalt which is used by 95% of the market to replace the older type of roofing shingles. These sturdy roofing shingles come in a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing designs and colors for your home or commercial property.

Your roofs quality depends on several factors: type and quality of roofing shingles, manufacturer, attachment method, preparation work done prior to shingling, (overlaying old roofing shingles vs. old roofing shingles removed and replaced), life expectancy, color, cost, and warranty.

Re-roofing with Finished Touch Exteriors, Inc. protects your home and possesions. A decade of helping people just like you is why we exist. Before you make this serious investment, you'll want to get answers to the following important questions:

  • What does the manufacturer's guarantee really say?
  • Has the contractor representative explained the re-roofing process to you, step-by-step, until you're satisfied you know exactly what will happen?
  • Is the contractor licensed and bonded to work in your area?

Whatever your roofing requirements are, Finished Touch Exteriors, Inc. can provide the quality workmanship, technical expertise and roofing shingles to give your roof a whole new life.

Call us at 1-763-443-1601 to discuss your current roof and it's condition. Perhaps it needs a change.

"Finished Touch Exteriors re-roofed my house..."
Finished Touch Exteriors re-roofed my house "Finished Touch Exteriors re-roofed my house in July 2007. They were professional and courteous. The roof looked great when they were done. They left my yard free of shingles and all debris and I didn't have to have the debris hauled away. I would recommend them to any of my friends."
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Finished Touch Exteriors, Inc. only uses high quality materials when installing a roof. There are a variety of roofing products that can be used but the most common type of roofing material is the asphalt shingle. The types of roofing that we install include...
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Metal Shingles
  • Wood Shingles
  • Wood Shakes
CertainTeed has a great tool for view different siding and roofing combinations. Click here to try it out and see what colors work for you!

Call 1-763-443-1601 for more information
Asphalt Shingles
asphalt sampleWe have been installing asphalt shingles for a decade and have narrowed our selection down to the finest brands available offering both durability and style.
GAF Materials Corp       Certainteed
Metal Roofing
asphalt sampleDecra® metal roofing is one of the more durable roofing products available. Some of the benefits of using metal are
  • Lightweight
  • Impact resistant
  • Low maintenance and Long life
  • Non-porous, freeze/thaw resistant
  • Won't crack, break, burn, curl, split or rot
  • Interlocking panels provide a weather-tight barrier
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