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Construction Codes

Why are there construction codes?

Construction codes are a solid foundation that drives quality and safety in the craftsmanship of any building project. They serve to protect the homeowner from potential problems with their home remodeling project and give the contractor a base set of guidelines to build upon and without those codes you never know what you will get!

That is why Finished Touch Exteriors, Inc. will “keep to the code” and get the job done right.

To ensure code-quality work on your roofs we will...
  • Tear off all material down to the decking.
  • Always replace soft or rotten wood.
  • Nail loose plywood.
  • Always put down at least 2 rows of ice & water shield whether or not the space below has a ceiling.
  • We always put ice & water shield in the valleys.
  • Recognize when there is an overhang that is more than 3 ft. that the appropriate rows needed to get 2 Ft inside the heated wall.
  • Always use at least 15# felt paper.
  • Replace the wall flashing whenever the metal is corroded or nailed so many times it has holes in it.
  • When we come out for the inspection of your home we look to see if your home may need more ventilation because inadequate ventilation leads to problems with not only your shingles themselves but with the roof decking and the attic space below the roof.
  • Always install kick out flashing to divert water away and prevent it from getting to the inside your siding.
  • Use a minimum of 4 nails per shingle and ensure that the nails are flush and do not protrude into the next shingle. If they are not flush they cause what we call Fish Mouths to the roof. Improper nailing can cause problems with proper sealing and could also lead to shingle blow-off or wind driven rain to get under the shingle.
  • Always caulk exposed nails. You'll have exposed nails in the majority of your roof penetration flashing i.e.: roof vents, plumbing vents, heater flange ect.
To ensure code-quality work on your siding we will...
  • Tear off to the sheating.
  • Replace soft or rotten wood.
  • Nail loose boards.
  • Install a Vapor barrier (house wrap).
  • Install high performance window wrap.
  • Install kick out flashing.
  • Install flashing where exterior porches, decks, or stairs attach to a wall or floor assembly of wood frame construction.
  • Seal the trim with caulking.

To see what the current construction code statutes are for the State of Minnesota visit the Minnesota Office of the Revisor of Statutes

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