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Finished Touch Exteriors, A Minnesota Roofing and Siding Company, Family Owned and Operated.

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We have a team of 3 guys that race Moto's with the FTE logo.

Kyle (co-owner) has been racing for 8 yrs. #344 Kyle moved up from the C class to B class in 2004, with a 3rd overall in state and 2 class Championships at the Moto City Raceway in Staples, MN.

Jon has been racing for 15 yrs. #780 and has many accomplishments over the yrs. Jon is also in the B class.

Tony has been racing for 5 yrs. #842 Tony moved up to the B class in 2006.

Motocross is the most popular form of amateur motorcycle racing, and with classes for machines from 50cc to over 450cc, and riders age 4 to 50-plus, it's a sport for the whole family.

Motocross races are run over natural-terrain courses with hills, jumps and tight turns, typically with two races—or motos—in each class. It can be one of the most strenuous sports in the world, and the most fun.
Races are held all over the state of MN. For more information about Motocross racing visit This is the District website for the state of MN.

Hockey is the best place to find pickup hockey games. I personally have played with these guys, and the games I must say are very fun. If you are looking to find a place to play hockey with a fun atmosphere, I suggest signing up on there website and finding a spot to play.


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