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Aesthetically, what is on the exterior of your house creates the first and often lasting impression of your home. Functionally, the siding material protects your house's structure from the elements, mainly rain and wind driven moisture. Siding should be selected based on
  • cost
  • aesthetics
  • durability
  • maintenance requirements
  • and environmental impact
Finished Touch Exteriors, Inc. has been tearing off and installing siding on residential homes for years and have the knowledge and experience to install siding for you. All you need to do is decide which siding material you want.

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Minnesota Siding Fiber Cement Minnesota Siding Steel

We provide unparalleled quality and guarantees in workmanship and the effectiveness of the products we use. Couple that with years of experience and knowledge and that makes us a true leader in the industry!

Vinyl is the number one siding material available

Vinyl provides enduring beauty and design flexibility. Using a variety of siding and soffit styles, colors, accessories and trim, you can update a Ranch, add character to a Colonial or even recreate a Victorian. Moreover, you can select siding that will be consistent with your home's design and fit into the environment and neighboring homes. Vinyl siding is also the most cost effective way to protect your home from the elements, save on energy costs, and attain the satisfaction that comes from knowing you will never have to paint again!
  • More popular than wood for remodeling and new construction
  • Nothing beats vinyl for sheer endurance
  • Requires far less maintenance
  • Design versatility, with an unmatched variety of styles and colors
  • It will create structural integrity. Vinyl siding becomes a protective shell for your home.
  • Vinyl siding will increase R-value. R-value refers to thermal resistance, and is one way of measuring the insulating capacity of any given material.
  • Properly installed, vinyl siding will allow moisture to escape, permitting the walls to “breathe.”
  • Issues associated with mildew and rot can be effectively averted.
  • Vinyl siding will prevent air infiltration - - Noise or pollution will be significantly reduced.

Aluminum Siding

The precursor to vinyl, aluminum siding was first marketed about 50 years ago as a long-lasting, maintenance-free alternative to traditional sidings such as clapboard or wood shingles. Since aluminum is
  • rot-proof
  • waterproof
  • corrosion-resistant
  • impervious to termites
  • and able to withstand years of exposure to the elements
the siding itself will last virtually indefinitely if simply left alone. Aluminum is a painted metal and may require painting over time. An additional consideration of aluminum is that it is susceptible to denting and scratching.


Fiber Cement or Hard Board

For homeowners that want the look of wood but don't want the hassles and costs associated with it, fiber-cement siding may be a satisfactory alternative. Fiber-cement siding is
  • more durable than wood
  • termite-resistant
  • water-resistant
  • and non-combustible
It is composed of cement, sand, and cellulose fiber. The cost of fiber cement siding is more than vinyl and less than stucco and wood siding. Unless top coat is applied in the factory, siding may need to be painted every four or five years. Fiber-cement siding is appropriate for hot and humid climates because it is resistant to rot, fungus and termite infestation. It also has good weathering characteristics, strength, and impact resistance.


Steel Siding

Steel siding is a practical, cost-effective investment in your home or building’s beauty and durability. One of America's most trusted materials is steel because of its strength and durability. However, when you combine steel with the low-maintenance advantages of vinyl and the beauty of natural wood, and homeowners can have siding that not only provides solid home protection, but also lasts a lifetime. To keep it looking new, just rinse occasionally with a garden hose. Plus, be mindful of the time and money you'll be saving in upkeep. Steel siding
  • won't rust
  • won't crack
  • won't chip
  • won't peel
  • won't blister
  • won't flake
And it won't warp like ordinary siding. It can withstand Mother Nature's harshest weather, including hail. And it's fire and termite resistant. And regardless of the home's architecture, steel siding comes in a variety of styles, colors and accessories to suit every taste out there.
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