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Installing a skylight in your home can provide both daylighting and warmth. After proper selection and installation, an energy-efficient skylight may help to minimize your heating, cooling, and lighting costs.

Energy-efficient skylights, skylights that have an ENERGY STAR® rating, can help the energy performance of your home. While understanding the ratings used can help you make an informed decision in the selection of skylight, one thing to keep in mind is the criteria used for an ENERGY STAR rating does not account for a home's design. So whether your project is a new home or some major remodeling, you should carefully consider the advantages of incorporating a skylight design and selection as an integral part of your whole-house design and approach for building an energy-efficient home.

Something to consider is how the physical size of the skylight can greatly affect the illumination level and temperature of the space below. As a rule, a skylight size should not exceed 5% of the floor area in rooms with many windows and no more than 15% of the total floor area for a typical room.

A skylight's position is something you should also account for if you want to maximize daylighting and/or passive solar heating potential. What this means is that you should determine the direction a roof is facing and how it can affect the performance of a skylight.

  • Skylights on north-facing roofs provide fairly constant but cool illumination.
  • Those on east-facing roofs provide maximum light and solar heat gain in the morning.
  • West-facing skylights provide afternoon sunlight and heat gain.
  • South-facing skylights provide the greatest potential for desirable winter passive solar heat gain than any other location, but often allow unwanted heat gain in the summer.

Extra solar heat gain from a skylight installation may not be beneficial or wanted in your home and one way of preventing it is to install the skylight in a roof location that is shaded by one or more deciduous, or leaf-shedding, tree(s). You also could add a movable window covering to the inside or outside of the skylight or check with the skylight manufacturer to find out if they use any special glazing that can help control solar heat gain.

VELUX Skylights

VELUX® places high priority on product testing and quality control to ensure that their products not only meet all of their quality requirements, but also to provide products that are ISO 9001 certified. Part of their testing process is to expose their products to climate extremes as they expect perfect function in the daily use of their products.
Manual Venting Skylights
  Manual Venting Skylights VELUX manual venting skylights are an economical choice for providing abundant natural light and fresh air. They are designed for applications less than 15 feet high that do not require egress emergency escape.
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Fixed Skylights
  Fixed Skylights VELUX fixed skylights are great for visually expanding areas such as hallways, stairwells and other closed-in, dark spaces that can be transformed with natural light and sky views. They provide an economical alternative in creating a spacious home that is filled with natural light.
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Roof Windows
  Roof Windows VELUX Roof Windows are designed for in-reach applications that require egress emergency escape capabilities. Examples include above-garage bonus rooms, lofts, and finished attic spaces.
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SUN TUNNEL™ skylights
  VELUX SUN TUNNEL™ skylights VELUX SUN TUNNEL™ skylights are ideal for smaller rooms such as closets, hallways, laundry rooms and second baths. You can now add natural light to places you thought were impossible.
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