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An old, single pane window is like having a four-foot square hole in the side of your house in terms of potential energy loss. It leaks air and offers little defense against the energy-robbing ravages of Mother Nature. Replacing old, drafty, ineffective windows and doors is a fundamental first step for saving money down the road.

Most quality windows today feature glass with a Low-E microscopic coating that helps reduce heat, as well as ultraviolet (UV) rays that can fade carpet, walls and furniture, helping to protect your investment in home furnishings and family heirlooms. The addition of argon gas in between panes of glass enhances energy performance. In warm climates where air conditioning is essential, choose a window with a lower solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) to block more of the sun's heat rays to keep your home cooler.

An easy way to choose energy-efficient windows is to look for products that meet ENERGY STAR® requirements. The ENERGY STAR program was created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy to help consumers identify windows and other products that save energy. ENERGY STAR qualified windows help assure homeowners the windows they choose are the most appropriate for their area in terms of energy efficiency.
Andersen® Windows

Andersen stands by its products, and the people who use them. Their limited warranty is one of the most reliable product certifications available. 20 years on glass. 10 years on non-glass parts. The coverage is non-prorated and fully transferable, so it can add real value should you decide to sell your home.
Awning Windows
  Awning Windows When positioned high on walls, awning windows can catch a breeze from any direction and provide light to a room while maintaining privacy. Also, they can be opened slightly to allow ventilation during light rain showers.
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Casement Windows
  Casement Windows Casement windows give you unobstructed views top-to-bottom and side-to-side. They open fully - catching breezes and directing the flow of fresh air into your home.
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Double-Hung Windows
  Double-Hung Windows You can open double-hung windows without consuming exterior space, and with a tilt-wash version, you may never have to go outside to wash windows again. Instead, the windows come to you. Also, the top sash can be opened for ventilation, providing an extra measure of safety in rooms with children.
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Gliding Windows
  Gliding Windows Gliding windows are ideal for spaces that are next to walkways and other traffic areas, since they do not project outward. Generally, placement higher on walls is the preferred, especially in homes with children.
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Picture/Fixed Windows
  Picture/Fixed Windows As their name implies, picture windows create a portrait-like space on your walls. They are perfect for bringing light into darker rooms and they create stunning walls of light when used in combination with operating windows and patio doors.
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Bay Windows
  Bay Windows Bay and bow windows work particularly well in rooms where you are trying to create a greater sense of spaciousness. They are popular choices in living rooms and master bedrooms.
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Great Lakes Windows

Great Lakes® Window premium products are made using state-of-the-art technology, modern equipment as well as cutting edge operational techniques. The manufacturing processes they utilize ensures a consistently high-quality product while at the same time manufacturing a very diverse offering of products.
Double-Hung Windows
  Double-Hung Windows These windows remain a favorite for their combination of classic looks and convenient operation. And though these may look like traditional windows, they’re the picture of modern window innovation.
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Sliding Windows
  Sliding Windows Panoramic vistas meet ultimate convenience with our sliding windows. Their undeniable beauty is matched only by their superior thermal performance, letting you enjoy your view ever so comfortably.
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Casement/Awning Windows
  Casement/Awning Windows Dressing up your home with European flair has never been so rewarding. With a full 90-degree sweep, these windows give nature a warm welcome in nice weather. But they work even better at giving bad weather the cold shoulder.
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Bay & Bow Windows
  Bay & Bow Windows All the world's a stage, and this is your personal theater. The best part is that while the drama happens outdoors, award-winning performances for beauty and energy efficiency go on and on inside.
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Garden Windows
  Garden Windows You don’t have to have the greenest thumb in the family to watch nature blossom in your garden window. Available in the GrandView™ 4000 and 5000 Series, the bountiful sunlight this window provides will keep your plants thriving year round.
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